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My Affie Banner


Rules To Affiliate With Me

  • If you wish for us to be affiliates you can use this banner to place on your site.

  • In order for us to be affiliates, though, you'll need to follow these simple small rules.

  • They're easy to follow.

  • Be friendly and find ways, either through here, or another site, to communicate. Email's fine too.

  • Update your site frequently. It can even be every 2 months, or every 3 months.

  • Be nice and respectful in order to gain respect.

  • Please do not ever bad-mouth or insult my work or me or my friends or affies in any way, shape, or form.

  • If your site is inactive for more then 3 months without an update or without notice, expect to be removed from affie section.

  • That's all! Have fun! To apply for an affie, email me at [email protected] with information about your site, why you think you'd be qualified to be affies with me, if you have any Web Messengers and how you and I can keep in touch. Add a little information about your website so that I will know what category to put you under.