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Sakurako Tanaka

Sakurako 'Riri' Tanaka. Nineteen years young. Hopeless romantic. Piercing, almost as if they were made from shards of glass, aquamarine hues. Dark tinted hair that has two highlights; hot-pink and aqua.

Sakurako's your average teenager but instead of going to school with the other kids, Sakurako is home-schooled and enjoys every minute of it. She's Miaka Tanaka's younger sister, therefore, she tends to stay by Miaka's side most of the time unless her best friend, Emi Levanti, is over; then, she spends all of her time with her. Being sort of a ditz and singing to herself most of the time, Sakurako is typically described as an overly-hyper, childish female that does not act her age at all.

More coming soon--maybe.