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Teng Liu-Yi

There's a lot to learn about me but this is just 20 facts.
[1] The name is Taiwanese, the real one is not.
[2] I love everything about Asia.
[3] I'm an accident waiting to happen.
[4] I love singing.
[5] I love dancing.
[6] I love reading.
[7] I love writing.
[8] I hate liars.
[9] I get hurt easily.
[10] Jealousy is a toxin in my system.
[11] Real jealousy, and superficial jealousy tears me apart; but, real jealousy scars me for life-superficial just hurts me for two days, at most.
[12] I can edit.
[13] I use Photoshop CS3 to do my layouts and edits.
[14] I'm a fast learner.
[15] I love the warmth of cuddling with someone that I trust.

[16] It all comes down to this; if you can't stand me, don't bother coming near me in the first place because I'll deny you in the most humiliating way possible and ignore you for the rest of my life; I say this because I have my limits which brings me to the next point--don't screw me over.
[17] I have ways of tearing people apart emotionally, nerve by nerve, until they breakdown completely-and they won't even know I'm doing it until that very last point (the breakdown point.)
[18] I only do that if you diserve it so prove to me that you don't.
[19] My hormones are always twisting around and causing emotional distress for me.
[20] It's not such a good idea to lie to me.